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Hunter Weeks and Josh Caldwell met in college while studying abroad in Indonesia. This exotic adventure served as a precursor to the exploratory path the two friends would lead as business partners and eventually Producers of 10 MPH, a feature-length independent documentary and their debut as filmmakers.

They began their entrepreneurial journey in Tucson, Arizona with the launch of a non-profit organization aspiring to explore the world through a web-based interactive experience. The aspirations behind the nonprofit proved very ambitious and they found themselves stuck in a mundane cubicle lifestyle. Eventually, the time came for them to leave their nine-to-five jobs to pursue careers in film and multimedia.

They moved to Denver, Colorado to launch their production company, Spinning Blue, and soon after began work on 10 MPH.

With virtually no connections in the film industry, no formal training and no financial backing from investors, Hunter and Josh whole-heartedly embraced the independent nature of this first production. Taking a grassroots approach to building a web of supporters, Hunter and Josh were able to create a qualified film while defying conventional means to filmmaking.

They used one Sony PD-150 with a 16:9 lens as well as some additional microphones during production, logging 180 hours of footage after an intense 100-day period of principal photography. They rallied a post-production team from the Denver film community to help with special effects, sound engineering, and other post-production needs.

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