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We felt that our audience would be very tech-savvy and have a tendency to download the movie if it were available digitally. When we first started the expedition across the country, we had tons of traffic from major techie blog sites like Slashdot, Engadget, and C|Net. Our hope was that these sites would send a lot traffic to us with our launch. While that happened, it wasn't as strong as we'd hoped for, but we did get a lot of download purchases and as best as we could tell, it wasn't impacting our DVD sales, which were making a higher profit margin.

When we explored the digital download model, we looked at various options out there. We would have loved to get iTunes to pick us up, but they weren't doing anything with independent films except for a few from a deal with IFC. So, we decided to encode a file of the movie into the iTunes format and brand it as an iTunes compatible file that people could use in the same way as the files they get from iTunes. When we launched, this file was available for $9.99 on our website. About a month later, we hooked up with Custom Flix, which is now called Create Space and got our movie onto Amazon Unbox, which offered a downloadable file that only worked on PCs. They offered a version available to purchase and one to rent (viewable for 24 hours after you push play). When the Amazon Unbox version launched, we lowered the iTunes version we offered on our website to $7.99 to be competitive.

E-Junkie was a key to making this all happen. They offer an online storefront that makes it pretty easy to sell downloadable files. While their target market has been musicians, we saw a perfect opportunity to sell the digital version of our movie through them. We were also very intrigued by all their additional shopping cart perks (discount codes, affiliate marketing, customized emails, Google and Paypal options, etc.) and easy set up. The best part about working with E-junkie was of course finding a solution that sent a link to the downloadable product allowing us to set parameters on how many times the file could be downloaded or how many hours it would be available to download after purchase. Once the file was downloaded, though, it had no digital rights management.

Our download rates have been very successful. We've had close to 800 downloads in our first few months of availability. It's very difficult to figure out how the digital rights industry is going to play out. Distributors are asking for a lot of years on rights and trying to create catalogs of products they can sell digitally. Cable deals now are often combining digital rights because of Video on Demand. So, keep a close eye on this sector and if you are self distributing, don't be afraid to step out of the box. You just might get noticed. Just a few days ago, we decided to do something similar to what Radiohead is doing. With the launch of their latest album (In Rainbows), Radiohead told the world they can pay what they want for it. It's a big move for big-named music talent to do something like this. We were thinking of a similar idea and this helped compel us to move forward. We've set a pricing structure on all our products now that asks customers to pick the price they want to pay. In the first few days, we're seeing a lot more downloads and DVD sales and people are actually contributing additional money sometimes. I've realized that getting your product out there and finding ways to share it with people is often more valuable than making 10 bucks off a few people. If people are aware of who you are and the film(s) you've made, you'll get more opportunities later to make the money to sustain yourself in this business.

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